REAL Life Shines

Real Life Christian Church served as one of 350 churches around the world that simultaneously hosted Night to Shine, a prom for People with Special Needs. The event, held on Friday, February 10, was sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.  

Night to Shine is a prom-night experience for special needs people.  Approximately 300 people, 14 years of age and older attended the fairy-tale evening and an additional 700 volunteers worked to create the magic.  

Everyone got caught up in the evening’s excitement.  Each guest entered the red-carpet affair with a chaperone who assisted him/her throughout the evening.  Hair and makeup stations and shoe shine areas were set up for primping. Paparazzi and greeters applauded as the guests walked the red carpet and a corsage or boutonnière were given to each guest.  An enthusiastic teen-age girl explained joyously that this was her first prom and she was going to dance. 

Dinner and Dance followed with karaoke, prom favors, DJ and a limo for those wanting a ride around the complex.  Best of all, each guest was crowned king or queen of the prom. 

Everyone got caught up in the evening’s excitement.  One mother was uneasy leaving her autistic 15-year old teenage son at his first prom but his excitement reassured her.  She said every detail was taken care of.  When her son became overwhelmed and needed a break, he found tranquility in a designated quiet area furnished with a rocking chair.  His favorite experience was riding in the white stretch limo, same as most teens. 

His mom expressed her gratitude saying that it is nice to know that our children can be recognized and treated with love and dignity. They are special.

Next year, it is the vision of the Tim Tebow Foundation that the event is scheduled in all 50 states in addition to 10 countries around the world.