The Egyptian, the first in a series of four, fun themed Triathlons and 5ks, was held on Saturday, June 3, at Clermont’s Waterfront Park.

Congratulations to all who participated in the Egyptian.

Special recognition to our south Lake competitors and overall leaders in the 5K:

Second Place – Andrew Aziz, 14, Clermont
Third Place – Justin Marks, 31, Clermont

A BIG WOW! To our amazing 5-9 year-old male competitors.

Place  Name   Age   Town

Male Age Division   5-9
2    LOAGAN IRWIN, 8 Clermont
3    MASON ROBERTSON, 8 Montverde
4    OWEN BAKER, 8  Clermont
5    MITCHELL BOUCHET, 9 Clermont
6    EVAN BAKER, 7 Clermont
7    CALEB STEPHENS, 8 Clermont

Female Age Division   10-14
1   LAYLA AZIZ, 13 Clermont
2   ANDREA MOSES, 13 Clermont

Female Age Division 15-17
1  MICHAELA KOVAR, 17 Clermont
4  KATIE KOVAR, 15 Clermont

Male Age Division 75-79
1   PAUL KUNZ, 78 Clermont

These are only the names of a few of our south Lake Champions.  For further results or information on the next in the series visit: