Coach John Raulerson, Gabriel Radlein, Sydney Damas, Kristopher Ganesh and Kyle Beener

The Kiwanis Club of Clermont was a sponsor of the South Lake High School STEM team in its competition in the National STEM competition in Washington, DC. on April 4. The club presented a check in the amount of $2,200 to Coach John Raulerson to assist in the financing of their trip. The Engineering and Design Students won the Real World Design Challenge (RWDC) State Competition for the State of Florida. This championship STEM team, consisting of four students from South Lake High School, represented all of Florida’s Stem students in the National RWDC Competition.

On May 30, John Raulerson, the coach of the South Lake High School STEM team (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that placed fourth in the National STEM competition this school year, was the guest speaker at the Kiwanis Club of Clermont.

This year’s contest was titled National Unmanned Aerial System Challenge. Coach Raulerson presented an overview of the project which was based on the Farmers use of small unmanned aircraft to conduct agricultural missions.  He said that the farmers found that use of these devices made their jobs safer, faster and easier.  To facilitate this system, the STEM team designed what they called a Farmer’s Companion and named it “Versatility.” While they were creating “Versatility” around the farmers’ needs, the team discovered that the aircraft’s capabilities exceeded the agricultural requirements by handling both stationary and moving obstacles. Mr. Raulerson identified the four team members and their specific duties.

They are as follows:

  • Sydney Damas is the Project Manager and Marketing Specialist.  In this dual role she was a positive influence to the team.  “The strategies and steps she took satisfied the customers, business and everyone as a whole.”
  • Kristopher Ganesh is the teams Payload Operator and Mission Planner.  “He dedicated hours every day to research cameras and weight capabilities along with the capabilities of the aircraft.”
  • Gabriel Radlein is the Simulator Engineer who helped in various capacities.  “He worked with relentless compassion and dedication.”
  • Kyle Beener was the Aircraft Engineer, the Electrical Designer as well as the Robotic Vehicle Designer.

John Raulerson said that although the students were unaware of the time, effort and dedication this project involved, they were undaunted in their perseverance.

The students competed in Washington DC in April  and  placed 4th place in the national contest while representing over 19,000,000 Florida students.

President Janet Hoskinson thanked John for his presentation and recognized the students for all their hard work.  She wished him and the students much success.

L-R: Coach John Raulerson, Gabriel Radlein, Sydney Damas, Kristopher Ganesh and Kyle Beener