The groundbreaking of Victory Pointe took place on Wednesday, June 14. The $9.7 million project is an important part of the city’s Master Plan and will transform Clermont’s downtown and waterfront into a recreation amenity, adding economic stimuli to the community.

Victory Pointe will serve multiple purposes:

It is a regional stormwater facility to collect and treat runoff from rainstorms. The stormwater will filter through a series of underground pipes into a man-made marsh system using native plants, grasses and soil to filter out impurities. The filtered water will travel by stream to become part of Lake Minneola, the chain of Lakes and eventually to the St. Johns River.

The 10-acre park is predicted to be a destination of choice.  The natural environment will offer environmental education, recreational activity, community events, celebrations and bring athletes from all over the world to take advantage of Clermont’s location and facilities (rowing, kayaking, running, sailing).  Triathlon Beach will be the stage of many competitions.

Victory Pointe will inspire new development, revitalize the downtown area and give visitors and residents the opportunity to enjoy the shops and restaurants in the Downtown area.

Mayor Gail Ash thanked Darren Gray for making an idea into a reality.