Jack Swarm has a long history of serving others.  When he and his wife moved to Florida in 1957, he went to work for Orange County.  Back when Orlando was just orange groves and dirt roads and not the popular destination it is today, he was instructed to do a super-secret assignment.  He was to show Walt Disney the property which is now the Disney theme parks because he was the only one with a four-wheel drive vehicle which could get to the areas that Disney wanted to see.  Jack retired from the Orange County Highway Department after 37 years of employment.

He also served 38 years in the military (Navy SeeBees and Army Special Forces) including a tour in Korea.  While most families went to the beach or mountains on vacation, Jack’s family spent their weekends in Starke, FL at Camp Blanding, watching him jump out of airplanes, repel off buildings and give defense demonstrations.  Later they slept under the stars in sleeping bags or in Quonset huts at the Army base.  He retired as a Sergeant Major in the Army Special Forces (Green Berets).

After retiring from Orange County, his wife Bertie told their daughter Tina to find him something to do before he drove her crazy! So Tina spoke with Howard Stockton, the Director at the South Lake Chamber of Commerce at the time, and asked him if he could use a great volunteer.  Howard said absolutely, and the rest is history.  Jack quickly became a regular volunteer for the Chamber doing many things to help serve, including helping setup for the monthly Chamber breakfast.

Twenty-two years later, Jack in now “retiring” once again.