Fire Fighter Blake McCorkle received the VFW 2017 Public Service Award at the Clermont City Council meeting on June 13. Kurt Schuh, Lt Col (R), VFW POST 5277 presented the award.

McCorkle was recommended by his Battalion Chief, Tom Bennett. The commendation read:

Fire Fighter Blake McCorkle has had an unbelievable year of successes, to include 4 cardiac arrest calls where he successfully regained a pulse on patients who were pulseless upon his arrival, 4 in a year’s time! Fire Fighter McCorkle was a major contributor as an engineer on a large complex commercial structure fire and has received several citations from his superiors for customer service and performance of his duties on emergency scenes this year as well.

Sr. Vice Commander Schuh stated that Fire Fighter McCorkle’s award package was endorsed and forwarded to the VFW Department of Florida to be considered for the State/Department Award, which will be announced late in June.

Blake was awarded a plaque and certificate, along with gift card for a dinner for him and his family. Sr. Vice Commander Schuh shared a Thank You to the Clermont Fire Department for what they do to keep Clermont safe.