Bulk Nation, the Tampa, Fla.-based bulk food specialty grocer celebrated its grand opening at on Saturday, Aug. 5.  The new store, located at Clermont Landing -2377 South Highway 27, was filled throughout the day with interested shoppers.  Clay Donato, Bulk Nation president and his enthusiastic team, were stationed throughout the store to greet the shoppers and explain the new shopping concept.

At Bulk Nation, customers will find an extensive selection of dried goods. Also offered are rare and hard to find ingredients for meal and baking preparation.

“You get fresher ingredients,” Donato explains. “The store’s ‘truck to shelf’ system twice a week ensures this. In a traditional grocery store, you don’t know how long a product in packaging has been sitting on the shelf.”

From discovering that hard to find spice to just saving money, bulk foods shopping may be the way to go. The savvy shopper should follow some key tips for smart bulk food shopping, according to Donato.

“Finding exotic flours to coffees and teas, there are many benefits to shopping foods at a bulk store,” Donato adds. “Since you are not paying the overhead for packaging, you save by buying bulk. You can buy just the amount you need, no more, no less.”

According to the Bulk is Green Council (BIG), an organization dedicated to helping consumers learn about the many benefits of buying bulk foods, food packaging may limit a shopper’s ability to buy in quantities desired. This can result in food surplus and waste.

To get the most “bang for your buck,” Donato offers these tips for smart bulk food shopping.

  1. Buy only what you need. In the bins, you can see what you are buying, so quantity is controlled.
  2. Shop to find foods, such as spices, flours, exotic rice and raw honey from local beehives. These are products you won’t find in a traditional grocery store.
  3. Take advantage of the convenience of a smaller store to allow you to navigate efficiently and spend less time walking aisles for hard to find foods, such as spices and flours. These are products you won’t find in traditional grocery stores.
  4. Save money. Watch the flyers for weekly specials. By shopping bulk, you save on not paying a surcharge for a product’s packaging. The savings in bulk is passed on to the consumer.

A portion of the weekend’s grand opening sales will benefit the South Lake YMCA. “With the opening of our stores, we think it important to build a connection with the communities,” says Donato, the board chairman of the Brandon YMCA as well as Bulk Nation’s president. He added, “The Y has many needs and we think this is a good fit.”

Founded in 2013, Bulk Nation is a bulk food specialty grocery store company dedicated to providing customers with an extensive selection of quality bulk food products at low prices. Customers can expect a unique experience with over 3,000 bulk specialty food items including dried fruits, nuts and vegetables, as well as spices, coffees, teas, ancient grains and candy.

In addition to Clermont, Bulk Nation has seven Florida stores in Orlando and Kissimmee as well as locations in Tampa Bay and Lakeland.