When Bulk Nation President Clay Donato started receiving multiple requests for a zero waste shopping solution, the specialty bulk foods grocer realized there was growing customer desire to shop in a more eco-friendly way.

Bulk Nation has launched a reusable container program in all of its Florida stores. It is being promoted on all of its social media platforms, in-store signage, bag stuffers and store flyers.

“We’ve received numerous social media and in-store requests to shop this way,” Donato says. “Zero waste shopping is a growing movement in the U.S. which is already seeing popularity in Europe and Canada. While we’re not going to be 100% zero waste, we’re meeting customer demand and adding the reusable container program as a shopping option.”

The Washington, D.C.-based Worldwatch Institute estimates that Americans discard 100 billion plastic bags annually.

“We want to lead the industry’s movement to be more proactive in going green with the zero waste initiative,” Donato adds. “While a few grocery retailers are ‘quietly’ offering this service, we hope our commitment will lead to more aggressive programs like ours.”

How the Reusable Container Program Works

  • A customer brings clean reusable containers and/or burlap bags from home to a Bulk Nation store.
  • A Bulk Nation cashier will inspect the customer container then tare (weigh) the container.
  • The customer then fills their container with bulk product, using the provided scoops and tongs
  • At checkout, a Bulk Nation cashier will deduct the weight of the container and ensure the customer is charged only for the weight of the product

By buying bulk, customers have the advantage to purchase in the quantity they prefer.