Submitted by Tom and Nancy Madden

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Lake County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday August 8 covered a variety of topics and actions. Karen Smith from L.E.A.S.H. spoke of the need for getting some cooling for the County Animal Shelter. She noted that there are frequently 20 animals or more coming into the shelter daily and it is hot.

Several homeowners from Lake Minneola Shores spoke about the relocation of the boat ramp proposed by the City of Clermont. The new location across from the Hiawatha Preserve would be within 40 feet of one elderly resident and would involve major dredging of wetlands and loss of habitat with large oak trees. County Commissioners (except for Sean Parks) seemed to be unaware of what was being proposed by the City; upon hearing the comments and objections, Commissioners promised the residents that they would study the plan and provide their objections. (See article elsewhere in the South Lake Tablet concerning the boat ramp issue).

In news of roads for South Lake, the Florida Turnpike Enterprise provided information on the widening of the Turnpike to eight lanes between the Highway 50 interchange and the new Minneola interchange. This project will begin in 2018 and will necessitate widening four bridges, including the Highway 455 bridge over the turnpike. This work will necessitate some temporary road closures. Commissioner Sean Parks reported that the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) has approved the proposed alignment with Schofield Road for the east west toll road between Highway 27 and the 429 Expressway. However, this road would not be built for at least five years.

The Board conducted the first public hearing on an ordinance to regulate Medical Cannabis Activities in Lake County. The present idea is that no dispensaries would be permitted in the county, given that residents have access to mail order product with the appropriate prescription. For now, they extended the temporary moratorium on the retail sales of cannabis to run until November 30, 2017.