Bill Welch, a Sarasota resident, will be running his 1000th 5k run just weeks before his 80th birthday on August 12th at Clermont’s Summer Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon/5K Series event.  Mr. Welch is an Air Force veteran and has kept meticulous records of every race in preparation for reaching this goal prior to his 80th birthday on September 6. He will be running with his son-in-law, Daniel Skulan, from Union, Kentucky.

Mr. Welch’s wife, Ruth, age 85, may not be able to cheer her husband personally due to her health, so Sommer Sports has created a special number “1000” race bib and has utilized social media to ensure that all the other runners and spectators will give Bill Welch a big “high five” and extra cheers for this inspiring life achievement.