Shannon Schmidt presents Clermont Downtown & Waterfront Master Plan

The Women’s Giving Alliance held an educational seminar at Mainstreet Community Bank on August 22. Shannon Schmidt, Clermont Economic Development & CRA Director, presented Clermont’s Downtown & Waterfront Master Plan.

Victory Pointe:  Construction began 5/22/2017 and estimated for completion in 1 year.  The total project costs $9.45 million.  Half of the total amount was grants.

Triathlon Beach: An enhanced sporting and community event park at the shores of Lake Minneola and adjacent to the Clermont Boat House.  Triathlon Beach pays homage to the sport, which began in Clermont 35-years ago and supports all different types of sports with enhanced lighting, spectator area, restrooms, pavilion, trail ways and access to Victory Pointe.

Champions Wi-Fi Trail:   The City of Clermont has fiber conduit along the South Lake Trail, Downtown and throughout much of Clermont.  The IT Department will be implementing complimentary Wi-Fi along the South Lake Trail anticipated to completed by 2018.

Compass Project 8th Street Gateway:  Funded through Community Redevelopment Area funds, the gateway was completed in May.  The gateway features enhanced landscaping, re-built roadway infrastructure, enhanced lighting and wayfinding.

Phase II Compass Project City Limit Signage-Wayfinding:  On-going way-finding and destination signage will be added to the downtown waterfront area in 2017-2018.

Clermont Legacy Loop Trail:  Allowing users unimpeded access from the South Lake Trail at 7th Street safe access to Minneola Ave.  The Clermont Legacy Loop will also spur out to Montrose Street.  The Clermont Legacy Loop will continue west on Minneola Ave from 7th Street to Victory Way.  This will also create a by-pass during major events and triathlons.  In Phase II, the Clermont Legacy Loop will continue on the west to 12th Street with a connection on the west side of Victory Pointe.

Meet us in the Middle Trailhead and Gateway:  Clermont is the mid-portion of the state-wide Coast-2-Coast Trail a 250-contiguous mile multi-purpose trail way anticipated for completion in 2020.  As the central meeting point, the gateway area will be a celebratory and defined space for trail travelers to mark their experience on the Coast-2-Coast. Meet us in the Middle will be a central meeting point (location close to Lilly’s on the Lake Restaurant).  It will include tech-based kiosks, seating and more.

Downtown Waterfront District: The downtown waterfront district is a series of streetscapes, which includes landscaping, lighting, street infrastructure improvements and curbing enhancements to maximize storm-water drainage.  The Downtown Waterfront District will also include the addition of City Hall Park and Meet us in the Middle gateway.

Montrose Street will be the focal point of Historic Downtown Clermont, a festival street with festive lighting and sidewalk cafés. Osceola Street also have sidewalk cafes. Minneola Avenue will receive trail enhancements.  West, 7th and 8 Streets will have additional parking (approximately 90 new spaces and shared parking).

Clermont Boat Ramp Relocation: The relocation will allow for separation of users-paddle sports and swimmers from motorized watercraft.  The location of the boat ramp is still under discussion.

To learn more about the Community Foundation of South Lake and the Women’s Giving Alliance, go to Website: Women’s Giving Alliance