The future site of RusTeak Restaurant and Wine Bar, and Distillery on Lake Minneola

With the possible addition of *RusTeak Restaurant and Wine Bar and neighboring distillery added to the Minneola Lakefront near Lilly’s on the Lake, as well as the growing popularity of shops in the downtown area, there is concern about limited parking spaces for patrons.

At the September 19 Clermont City Council meeting, Clermont Economic Development Director Shannon Schmidt listed all the available parking spaces in the downtown areas. She advised council that there may not be a parking space directly in front of a shop or restaurant but a 10-minute walk is not uncommon in many cities. Signage is needed to let patrons know where the parking spaces can be found.

*RusTeak Restaurant and Wine Bar is a restaurant with locations in College Park and Ocoee and a sister concept, The Stubborn Mule, in Thornton Park.