Kasey Kesselring, Headmaster at Montverde Academy

Kasey Kesselring, the Headmaster at Montverde Academy (MVA), was a recent guest speaker at the Kiwanis Club of Clermont.

Kesselring spoke of his experiences as a student.  He grew up in a rural community in Western Maryland where he attended an independent school. Kesselring reminisced that he received a “remarkable and sustainable education experience” at his school.  The education he received gave him the tools to enter college and post-graduate schools.

In 1999, he moved to Florida to become the Headmaster of Montverde Academy.  He said he was very proud of the experiences he received while attending an independent school and wanted to provide those same transformational opportunities for his students.  He credited Public Schools for their role in educating all students noting that at MVA and other private schools, headmasters and principals can be selective with the students they choose to admit.

Since he has assumed the position of headmaster, Montverde Academy has grown not only in enrollment of students but has added a lower and middle school.  He proudly said that graduating seniors are being admitted to the most competitive colleges and universities.  He described the students attending Montverde as coming from varied backgrounds and experiences which helps them understand the world and each other.

Kesselring believes that teachers have a responsibility to their students to teach leadership skills that embrace a broad degree of cultural diversity. He described the culture created at Montverde Academy as focusing on one primary objective: Achieve success in all that we do.  He added that success sometimes comes with adversity or failures, which could be part of the journey to achieving success.

At the conclusion of his presentation, Club President Janet Hoskinson presented Kesselring with a Commemorative Club Pin.

Picture:              Kasey Kesselring, the Headmaster at Montverde Academy