Anderson Hill Access to Hwy 27

The controversial Anderson Hill Project came to a vote at the September 26th Clermont City Council meeting.

Clermont City Council approved the request of developer Avid Group to build a multi-tenant commercial shopping center housing retail businesses, fitness center, restaurant, and office space.  The overall development, located at the intersection of Anderson Hill Rd. and Hwy 27, will have 58,000 square feet including approx. 1,400 sq ft for outdoor patio use.  The fitness center (Planet Fitness) will occupy approximately 20,000 square feet of floor space.

Residents living close to the 9.5-acre site oppose the project believing that a commercial shopping center will be disruptive to the 30+-year old residential community; is not compatible with the established residential neighborhood; and will have a negative impact to its residents.  It was suggested that a community facility or professional offices would be a better fit for the area.  Residents also sighted negative safety issues such as traffic flow, pedestrian safety, noise levels, drainage, school drop off, accidents, and crime.

Anderson Hill Road has provided drivers an access road through the residential neighborhood to/from Hwy 27 and Lake Shore Drive.  Traffic has been an issue for the residents of Anderson Hill.  Navigating the s-curve on Anderson Hill Rd. may decrease speed but has blind spots. There are no sidewalks which add a tremendous safety issue for school kids who walk the road daily to the school buses. Drivers entering Hwy 27 from Anderson Hill Rd. must turn right and head south before crossing over 5 lanes of traffic to make a U-turn in order to head north.

s- curve approaching Hwy 27

Cecilia Bonifay, attorney for the developer, refuted many of the residents’ objections and concerns.  She said the developer provided a traffic impact study monitoring the two intersections between Lake Shore Drive and Hwy 27.  The result concluded that Anderson Hill Road is only 17-percent utilized.  She said, “It’s all about Perception vs. Analysis”.  The Orlando lawyer went on to dismiss the objections of the residents saying that their complaints were not supported by facts.

Also under scrutiny is a billboard located on the site.  The billboard is against city ordinance and needs to be removed

The billboards are against the City’s Ordinance

After hours of deliberation, the council made Anderson Hill Road an Emergency Exit only. The owners of the proposed shopping center agreed to many additional concessions presented by the residents and have until December 2019 to remove the billboard.

Seal Swim School coming to Clermont

Seal Swim is a “Learn to Swim” program for children.  The owner of Clermont Hillside Terrace requested that landscaping on his property, located at 2400 U.S highway 27, be adjusted to for an in-door swimming pool for year-round swimming lessons.

Save Lake Hiawatha Preserve

The Boat Ramp Relocation Project Update was postponed until October 10.


White Cane Safety

On Wednesday, October 18, at Clermont City Center, 620 W. Montrose St., Clermont, people will be taught how to be a safe human guide and then paired up.  One person on each team will be blindfolded and assignments will be given to complete a task with no vision, then you switch places. Teams will be expected to walk to various locations nearby within 4-5 blocks. The event is sponsored by Community Foundation of South Lake.  For further information, visit

Fire Prevention Week  (October 8 – October 14) “Every Second Counts”   For further information, visit  Fire prevention week  


Life Safety Achievement Award is presented to fire departments that meet a set of criteria demonstrating their commitment to saving lives and educating their community about fire safety. The Clermont Fire Department proudly shows off its achievement.