On October 31st, Eli and Rebecca Clancy, their two children, and 15 kitties at the Orlando Cat Café participated in the first wedding vow renewal to take place at the fur-friendly establishment. The family, traveling from Kentucky, first heard about the Orlando Cat Café on social media while looking for a creative location to host the renewal on their 10-year anniversary trip. Rebecca said, “My family and I love animals, especially cats, and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend this special day surrounded by sweet kittens and cats!” The date also held a special significance to the couple as October 31st was the date the couple had first started dating 15 years earlier.

Nine-year-old daughter Kayla, officiated the ceremony and opened with, “We have come together in the presence of lots of fluffy kitties at the Orlando Cat Cafe to celebrate the “meow” renewal of Eli and Rebecca and to witness their love for one another.” Cats from the rescue partners at The Animal League adorned purple neck ties with duties of being as groomscats and bridescats during the ceremony.

A Dapper Groomscat

The Orlando Cat Café opened in September 2016 and works together with The Animal League, Axum Coffee, and the Cagan Management Group, Inc. to save the lives of homeless cats in Central Florida while drinking good coffee. Visit our website at orlandocatcafe.com.