Below is a summary of Groveland’s Political Chaos

In 1987, George Rosario was convicted as a felon in Pennsylvania on drug-related charges. Thirty years later, Rosario ran and was elected as Mayor of Groveland.

  • The State of Florida prohibits convicted felons from holding office unless they have had their civil rights restored. Glen Wilson, one of two opponents defeated by Rosario in the election, filed an injunction to remove Rosario from his elected office.
  • January 2017, after only a few months in office, a Lake County Circuit Court judge approved an emergency injunction barring Rosario from holding public office because he is a convicted felon and failed to apply for a pardon to have his full civil rights restored.
  • In October, an appeal court lifted the injunction on a technicality and Rosario was reinstated as Groveland Mayor.
  • Upon returning to office, Groveland City council members asked Rosario for documentation that his civil rights were restored. He declined Council’s request.
  • On Wednesday, January 10, at a council meeting, Council members Mike Radzik, Mike Smith, and Vice Mayor Dina Sweatt voted to remove Rosario from office. Councilman John Griffin did not attend, and Mayor Rosario did not participate in the vote, claiming it was an illegal process.

“Currently,” George Rosario is no longer mayor and council plans to swear in the vice mayor, Dina Sweatt, as mayor at its next meeting.