Submitted by Nick Jones, South Lake Philosophy Club Forum

The Culture war is heating up.  Our country may be at the most intense state of polarization since the civil war.  Is civility, courtesy, road rage, free speech, patriotism, sinking into an abyss along with the decline of civic clubs, churches, etc.?  Many families are allowing emotions to split them along deep political divides – LEFT vs RIGHT.  Can a rational discussion be centered overlooking into what you are or are not doing about it?  Are you promoting ways and means of bringing people, especially friends and family together, or are your words and emotions unwittingly breaking them apart?  Do you really think your liberal or conservative worldview will change anyone?  When’s the last time you heard, ‘Oh, you have a point?’ or Maybe I ought to think about that?’  How much stock do you put into placing blame?  Just how offensive do you find the opposite view?

How is it possible to not have an opinion here?  It’s your choice – spread seeds of acrimony or seeds of goodwill.  When is the last time you experienced any in political debate?  I’m hoping to hear some responses.  Invite or bring a friend along – it’s not necessary they agree with you.  Everywhere else you go is pretty much an echo chamber, not in the Philosophy Club Forum.

SOUTH LAKE PHILOSOPHERS CLUB: Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesdays of every month, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. at the Kehlor Building,466 West Minneola Avenue in Clermont,  From SR 50 in Clermont, turn north on Fifth Street, travel five blocks to Minneola Street and turn right. The Kehlor Building is on the northeast quadrant of the intersection, next to the tennis courts.

Philosophers: Remember main Club rules, NO HITTING, NO SPITTING, bad conduct results in sitting in corner.  

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