The Orlando Cat Cafe

This month, Orlando Cat Café will be donating several pet oxygen masks to Lake County Fire Department to help save local pets. This is an annual tradition for us in recognition of National Pet Fire Safety Day on July 15th! It’s also the purr-fect time to review the safety guidelines that you have in place for your precious kitties!

1. Initiate your pet fire safety plan with an emphasis on prevention. Pets can be the cause of fires so make sure to safeguard your pets by keeping them a safe distance from potential hazards. 

2. Inform emergency response teams about your pets. It’s essential they know about your furry family members in case of emergencies. (Place a sign in your window that emergency response teams can easily see.)

3. Create a detailed pet fire safety evacuation blueprint. A well-thought-out plan can save precious time during a crisis.

4. Consider the installation of monitored smoke detectors. This can provide an extra level of safety for your pets.

5. Identify your pet’s potential hiding spots. This knowledge can be invaluable during an emergency evacuation.

6. Utilize harnesses or carriers to ensure your pet doesn’t escape during evacuation. This can prevent further complications during an already stressful situation.

7. Monitor your pet closely for signs of smoke inhalation following a fire. This is vital for their health and recovery.

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