Clermont Council Member Ray Goodgame Speaks Out on EMS Ambulance Service

Clermont Residents,

Everyone needs to take notice and if the following information disturbs you, come to the next Clermont City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 13 and voice your concern.

Lake County does not provide adequate EMS Ambulance service to the residents of Clermont. The ambulance, stationed at Fire Station #2 at Hartwood Marsh Road, has been moved to the Lake County Fire Station on South Lakeshore Drive. This County Fire Station now has 2 EMS vehicles stationed there. During the morning rush hour, it may take 12 to 14 minutes to get to a home in Kings Ridge, Legends, Heritage Hill or one of the developments along Hartwood Marsh Road. During school hours, response time is longer. The response time is unacceptable.

In addition, the EMS ambulance at Fire Station #3 on Legends Way is only there 13 hours each day, 8 am – 9 pm.  Residents of Summit Greens, College Park and other developments in the northern part of the area must depend on EMS ambulance service from other locations.

What is next? I believe Lake County will remove one of the two EMS ambulances from the Lakeshore Drive Fire Station.

I spoke at a recent council meeting regarding this subject and want the city of Clermont to get into the ambulance service business. Every citizen in the city pays $93/yr for Lake County to provide EMS service. The County is spending the city’s tax dollars elsewhere. I need everyone’s support to get this message across to the other 4 council members.

The city is thankful to have a superior Fire Department. The department will receive the prestigious ISO status next Tuesday.  There are only 133 Fire Departments world-wide with a #1 ISO rating and approximately 30 other USA Fire Departments with the rating. These firefighters are trained to save lives and keep a person stable until the EMS ambulance arrives which can presently take 20 minutes or more!

If Clermont decides to provide ambulance service to the area, a smooth transition could take up to a year. We must get started now.

I hope our County Commissioners get the message that the citizens of Clermont deserve the best ambulance service and, unfortunately, are not getting what they require.

Council Member Ray Goodgame
Clermont City Council, Seat 2

If you believe that Clermont should provide its own ambulance service, let your voice be heard.  Attend the next Clermont City Council Meeting on Tuesday, March 13 at 6:30 pm. in Council Chambers at City Hall (685 Montrose Street).

Let the City Manager, Mayor and Council know that you want the city of Clermont to move forward immediately with plans to take over ambulance service.


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