City Manager Mike Hein

Submitted by Marty Proctor

This week the Groveland City Council interviewed the final five potential candidates for the City Manager position.  The Council showed solidarity in offering Mike Hein, the position as permanent City Manager in a 5-0 unanimous vote.  Mike has been the Interim City Manager since January.

The City continues to move away from a troubled past and focus on the future. Police Chief Shawn Ramsay acts as Sergeant at Arms attending most Council meetings.  He has been witness to the rapid change in management and politics within the City.  During the public comment session, the Chief complimented the City Council for their professionalism and thoroughness in the interview and selection process.  Staff members also voiced their support.  Other members of the community have expressed compliments regarding the professionalism, solid city planning and management capabilities exhibited by Mr. Hein.  The Mayor stated, “Oh he’s great.”  She shared a specific issue she is pursuing with City Council about a local, historic cemetery.  “I ask a question and get a response very quickly.”

Mr. Hein adds, “I’m honored to be chosen at this moment in time and place for the organization and the City of Groveland.”  Most Lake County residents are well aware of the distractions, uncertainty, and instability surrounding Groveland.  In picking Mr. Hein, the City Council has added a skilled professional to the Staff.  Mike pledges “to work on your behalf and maintain the spirit of excellence within the organization while working with all of you to make Groveland an even more outstanding place to live, work and invest.”

Now that the decision is made, the process continues to approve a contract at the March 19 City Council meeting.

Mr. Hein is under contract as interim city manager through the end of March. Between the 19th and the end of March, the formal hiring is expected to be completed.

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