Lea Tran

Lea Tran came to Clermont with her husband via Philadelphia. The two decided to move to the hills of Clermont over two years ago to explore a new life in a warmer climate.  Lea says that they miss their family but enjoy the non-hustle-bustle but active life in Clermont.

Lea has been a business owner for ten years and knows how vital it is to be involved in the community. After moving to Florida, she joined the South Lake Chamber of Commerce and enrolled as the Ambassador. She also became a member of Toastmasters.  Lea says she is blessed to have met so many talented and friendly people from all walks of life in Clermont. To give back to the community, Lea volunteers to assist at fundraising events and mentor at New Beginnings, a homeless shelter.

During an interview with Lea, I asked Lea why she wanted to work with The TABLET and to talk about her involvement in the community.

Lea:  Last year, I met Michelle Delaney, the owner of South Lake Tablet, at many South Lake  Chamber of Commerce functions. I had very positive vibes about her and for her company. I love the philosophy of promoting “good news” and being the “information resource” in Central Florida.

 I currently serve as the Ambassador for South Lake Chamber of Commerce; Vice President of Education for Orlando Advanced Toastmaster in the fiscal year of 2017-2018; Pathways District 84 Ambassador of Toastmaster International in 2018; Mentor and volunteer for New Beginnings, a non- profit organization that serves the homeless; Board member of Femcity Orlando.”

Tablet:  Needless to say, “We Hired Her”!

Lea: I am ecstatic that I am now, joining South Lake Tablet, a digital media company, as their sales and marketing manager. I am an enthusiast and self-driven person, who is very active and loves to connect with others through networking or one-on-one, over a cup of coffee.

Please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about SOUTH LAKE TABLET and how we can help you expand your business in South Lake County.

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