The Florida Department of Education has identified 96 teachers from Lake County Schools as being among teachers with the highest impact on student learning in the state.

The determination was made after an analysis of the teachers’ former students’ performance on statewide standardized assessments. That analysis showed a positive impact on student learning growth. It looked at three years of data – from school years 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17 — in the subjects of English Language Arts (grades 4-10), Math (grades 4-8) and Algebra 1 (grade 8-9).

“Whether in a classroom where students arrived already high achieving, or a classroom in which students were underperforming, your efforts provide inspiration and opportunities to young people that may have been otherwise inaccessible,’’ reads the letter sent from Florida’s Education Commissioner Pam Stewart to every high impact teacher in the state. “We know more than we have ever known about the impact teaching has on student outcomes. With this knowledge comes the opportunity to celebrate successes and to support all educators in their journey to become more effective in the classroom. That starts by recognizing you.”

Lake County Schools thank these outstanding teachers for their leadership and their commitment to working with our students and preparing them for a promising future.

See the full list of Lake County’s High Impact Teachers here.


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