by Michelle Delaney

Fred Sommer and Clermont City Mayor Gail Ash

Fred Sommer, a long-time resident of South Lake County and founder of Sommer Sports, has played a significant part in establishing Clermont’s identity as a “Choice of Champions” and a hub for athletes. The city of Clermont has called Fred a pioneer in creating what Clermont is now and will be. He has helped to bring Clermont (lovingly called the Gem of the Hills) to the next level (a vibrant community and “Choice of Champions”).

Clermont has always been a sports conscious community.  The Delaney family has only been Clermont residents for the past forty-five years but can attest to the fact that the people of the Clermont area love their sports. They enjoy boating, fishing, waterskiing, hiking, running, walking, biking…… If they aren’t physically motivated, they are hardened sports advocates (Go Gators! How about those Knights?).  If they have kids, they participate and volunteer.  They are very protective of their quality of life, their environment, and their boat ramp.

When we first moved to Clermont from New York City, I thought Clermont’s distinct affection for all kinds of sports was a feature of small-town living. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that Clermont and its people are unique.  This amazing land of lakes and hills produce and attract a variety of health-conscious, sports-minded people.

This past weekend, Fred Sommer celebrated the anniversary of his 35th annual Great Clermont Triathlon.

Over the years, his passion, patience, and persistence have played an essential part in bringing his love of running to thousands of Triathletes.

The weekend was hectic for Fred and his Sommer Sports team. Included in the weekend’s events staged at Clermont Waterfront Park were the 34th Annual Intimidator, a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike course, and 13.1-mile run and the 35th Annual Great Clermont Triathlon which included a 1500 meter swim, 40K bike course, and 10K run.

During the milestone celebration, Fred was awarded the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award by USA Triathlon.

Congratulations Fred!

View the video to learn about Fred and the beginning of Sommer Sports.

OR for further information on Sommer Sports, visit summer sports.

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