The 2017 Annual Clermont Police Department Awards Ceremony was held during the Clermont City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 10.

Proud family, friends and community residents filled the council chambers as Clermont Chief of Police Charles Broadway presented awards to his department’s finest.

Community Service Award- Jeremiah Avila

Clermont Police Officer Jeremiah Avila was presented with the Community Service Award for his volunteer efforts in the community.

Police Officer Jeremiah Avila

Officer Avila attended all the police department’s fundraiser events for Special Olympics; he volunteers one weekend a month as an auxiliary instructor for the Clermont Navy Sea Cadet Battalion and participates in many community policing events including Shop with a Cop and Heroes and Helpers.  He actively plays a role in Operation Good Behavior, a program where he gives a child a ticket and a coupon to a local restaurant for being caught for doing good things. On several occasions, while working the night shift, Officer Avila has made contact with homeless families and provided food out of pocket, and subsequently referred the families to get assistance. He participates in meals for the homeless program by having his car ready with non-perishable, pre-packaged meals to give to anyone who may be hungry.

Clermont Police Chief Charles Broadway describes Avila as the first to pick up toys to place in his patrol vehicle. These toys are then given to children that he encounters while patrolling, who are in crisis or who experienced a traumatic event.

What Officer Avila has done this past year takes many people a lifetime to accomplish, and for that Officer Avila was recognized for his selfless efforts and awarded the Community Service Award.

Civilian of the Year – Ms. Desire Cicco- Accreditation Manager

Desire Cicco

Last year the Clermont Police Department (CPD) received its re-accreditation status from the Commission on Florida Accreditation. It was the department’s best re-accreditation to date and Desiree Cicco was very instrumental in their success.

“Desiree Cicco ensures that the CPD maintains the highest standards of professionalism and that we meet specific requirements and prescribed standards that are set by the Commission”, said Chief Broadway. “There are over 230 standards that Desiree Cicco ensures that we as an agency adhere to and that our policy meets our practice to serve our community with the highest degree of professionalism.”

Officer of the Year- Police Officer Patrick McBride

Chief of Police Broadway proudly announced Officer Patrick McBride as CPD Officer of the Year.

Officer Patrick McBride

This year, Officer McBride has responded to numerous on-duty calls resulting in arrests for drug possession, grand theft, armed robbery and other unlawful offenses.

“Because of his many talents and skill set, Sgt. Jason Sayre assigned Officer McBride to a variety of assignments. Each assignment was met with enthusiasm and completed with promptness. “Officer McBride maintains the same level of expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment in whatever capacity or tasks he is assigned,” said Chief Broadway.

Supervisor of the Year Sgt. Malcolm Draper

Sgt Malcolm Draper

Over the course of 2017, Sargeant Draper was instrumental in numerous programs and events with the COPPS Unit. These events include our Annual National Night Out event at Waterfront Park which in 2017 had the largest attendance in the history of the event.

As the Supervisor of the Community Policing Unit, Sgt. Draper and his team were presented with the Rocky Pomerance Award presented by the FPCA. This statewide award recognized the outstanding outreach to the Clermont Community and partnerships with businesses and schools to successfully reduce crime in the community through collaborative efforts.

Sgt. Draper was instrumental in the implementation of the current Mobile Crisis Unit to ensure those in crisis get the necessary care and assistance. He was recognized by the Department of Justice for our agency’s work towards implementing the 21stCentury Policing Model, which incorporates the building of trust between the Police Department and our Community. He was directly involved in several events including Torch Run for Special Olympics, Lights and Ladders, and Wounded Officers Initiative. He has served as a Liason with various community partners to provide food, shelter, employment, and assistance over the course of the year through quality of life training, drug counseling, alcohol counseling, mental health, and career sources. He is personally involved in the Oak Hurst Community outreach and revitalization of the community.

This Saturday, April 14, Sargeant Draper will be the Recipient of the “Imagine Warrior Award” from South Lake Imagine Charter School during their annual Gala. The Principal will recognize him for his efforts and outreach to the school during several times of crisis.  

Supervisor of the year 2017- Sgt. Jason Sayre

Sgt. Jason Sayre

Sgt. Sayre has been with the agency for over 12 years. He seamlessly acclimates to new responsibilities from Patrol Supervisor to the Crime Suppression Unit Supervisor to his current role as the Training and Recruiting Supervisor.  Sgt. Sayre has been involved in several major investigations, such as rape, homicide, shootings, and as the Team Leader for call-outs making crucial decisions regarding barricaded and hostile subjects to which all came to a peaceful resolve.

His new role overseeing the Recruiting Division emphasizes the importance of public relations and promoting the City.  He attends multiple recruitment fairs and always displays a professional image of the City of Clermont.

He is very active and maintains a high level of physical fitness.  He actively participates in training our officers and has initiated a fitness program for officers to follow to keep everyone in optimal physical condition, not only for their health but to better serve the citizens of our community.

He participates in City sponsored activities such as softball and basketball games against the Sheriff’s office, team triathlons, 5k’s, and half marathons that support special events and not for profit organizations.

He is a recent graduate of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Leadership Academy.

Life-Saving Award (Hurricane Irma) 

On September 11, 2017, during Hurricane Irma, Officers Patrick McBride, P J Scharschmidt, Andrew Wilkins, John Dubi, Mohammad Nasser, Erin Razo, Brittney Wegner were involved in an incident where a tree had fallen through the roof of a house and pinned a victim to his bed. The officers had to break tree limbs and branches to get to the injured male to render medical aid and to rescue him from under the fallen tree.  At that time, members of the Clermont Fire Department were able to access the room with chainsaws and began cutting back the limbs.

They turned off every electrical breaker so that there was no power to the house, making it safe for emergency personnel to extract the individual from his room.

They helped to evacuate the family members, including children of the injured victim from the severely damaged home and safely escorted them to a neighbor’s house

Due to the victim’s extensive injuries, he needed emergency surgery. Under normal circumstances, he would have been flown to Orlando Regional Medical Center for this surgery. Due to the hurricane, this was not possible.

South Lake Hospital staff located a surgeon who lived in the Clermont community and in further efforts to save the life of this injured man; Officers braved the storm, picked up the surgeon and transported him to the Hospital to perform the emergency surgery.

These officers braved the elements during the height of Hurricane Irma, and no doubt saved the life of this man while selflessly putting their own at risk.

Life-Saving Award presented to Police Chief Broadway

Clermont Chief of Police Broadway

Clermont Chief of Police Broadway was surprised when he was called to receive the Life-Saving Award. While at a local restaurant, the Chief noticed a choking woman. He quickly reacted to the situation and because of his training, was able to administer emergency treatment. A life-threatening situation was prevented.

Valor Award was presented to Sgt Nicholas Bloom

Sgt. Nicholas Bloom

On March 21st, 2017 at 2230 hours, Sgt. Nicholas Bloom and members of the Bravo Squad responded to the King’s Ridge Subdivision about a well-being check for an adult male. Information was received that the adult male was acting abnormal and hostile, making threats and references to shooting an acquaintance.

He also referred to the type of bullets he was going to use by calling the bullets “cop killers.” With the subject’s hostile history towards law enforcement in mind and his possession of multiple guns, Sgt. Bloom coordinated a planned response to performing a well-being check on the adult male.

Sgt. Bloom attempted to make contact with the subject at the front door.  Within moments, Sgt. Bloom could hear the subject yelling in the home, and suddenly a gunshot was fired by the subject through the front door towards Sgt. Bloom.  The bullet penetrated the front door and the glass storm door, missing Sgt. Bloom by inches.

Sgt. Bloom immediately and tactically retreated and coordinated a perimeter and a multi-resource response to now deal with a violent barricaded suspect.

Due to his poise and brave actions along with the coordinated efforts of all who responded: two hours later the subject surrendered himself; was taken into custody and charged with attempted homicide of a Law Enforcement Officer.

Sgt. Bloom is being awarded the Medal of Valor Award for his exceptional bravery under imminent risk of serious bodily injury.

Not only was he faced with an extremely dangerous situation, but he also performed his supervisory duties under great duress without fail.

After being fired upon, he was able to ensure his safety and his officer’s safety, coordinate a perimeter, establish a staging area for responding units, stage EMS, and ensure safe ingress and egress from the scene, all while seamlessly communicating the available information to the responding officers and resources from multiple agencies.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients as well as all the dedicated and brave members of the Clermont Police Department.

Thank you to the CPD for providing the SOUTH LAKE TABLET with information on these deserving recipients.

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