Chamber President David Colby, Glenn Holcomb, Daniel Whitehouse and Justin Allender

Each year, the South Lake Chamber of Commerce organizes a 12-week Wellness Challenge, a competition to see who can lose the most weight and pursue a healthier lifestyle overall.  Justin Allender of First Green Bank, Glenn Holcomb of Mighty Manatee and Daniel Whitehouse, Chamber Chairperson shared their personal experiences in achieving weight loss.

All three have different methods for successfully losing weight. Justin follows the Keto Diet and exercises when he can. Glenn watches his food intake and exercises moderately. Daniel has gone vegan, exercises most days at the gym and runs.

Over their life-changing journeys, each has lost over 70 pounds, proving weight loss and healthy choices can be achieved in countless ways. Justin, Glenn, and Daniel agree that making healthy choices is a personal decision.

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