Submitted by Delia Ruck, Lake Minneola High School Guidance

Lake Minneola High School recently hosted its third Annual ROTC Induction ceremony to honor those students who decided to join the United States Armed Forces.

On Thursday, April 12th, the Clermont Marine Corps joined families, friends, staff, and members of the community at an ROTC Induction ceremony for its graduating students.

While many high school students are heading to college or entering the workforce after graduation on May 18, these students will be attending basic training.

Transitioning from civilian to military life is not an easy journey.  Joining the Armed Forces is an enormous sacrifice and one of the bravest decisions a person can make for their country.

These young men and women will dedicate themselves to selfless service and, while doing so, take advantage of the career opportunities made available to them.  They deserve respect, support and most of all, the community’s appreciation.


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