Lake Emergency Medical Services (Lake EMS) began rolling out new messages this week on all of its ambulances to help reinforce safety throughout the community. The messages, expected to be completely installed over the next several months, will focus on a variety of topics, including drowning prevention and safe driving practices. 

“Lake EMS serves the entire community, so the ambulances act as mobile billboards, helping bring attention to safety measures that can be taken to prevent accidents and fatalities,” said Lake EMS Board Member Sean Parks, who spearheaded the idea. 

Some of the slogans being used include, “Always swim with a friend,” “Don’t text and drive,” and “Watch for motorcycles.” In addition to the signs, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) symbols and verbiage are being added to encourage residents to learn this life-saving technique. 

“It is our hope that the citizens of Lake County will join in the effort with us to continue to make our community a safer place to live,” said Jerry Smith, Executive Director of Lake EMS. 

Lake EMS has a total of 22 ambulance stations, with its fleet traveling over one-million miles per year. 

The Mission of Lake Emergency Medical Services is to serve its communities by providing exceptional patient care and extraordinary customer service through compassion, knowledge, clinical sophistication and the integrity of our organization. 

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