L-R: Tim Bachmeyer, Ph.D. ; Ellen Bachmeyer, Psychotherapist and founder of Aging with Heart; Chris Boylan, President-Elect of the Kiwanis Club of Clermont.

Ellen Bachmeyer, Psychotherapist, Life Coach and founder of Aging with Heart, was the recent guest speaker at the Kiwanis Club of Clermont. Her presentation was on aging and the associated events that occur in our lives which she referred to as gateways.  She said, some gateways are more painful than others, but these experiences can become our greatest teachers.  She urged us to remain “flexible and present” since we only have this moment.  Some other tips she reviewed were: “Tend to the Garden of your Life” where she urged us to let go of the things we no longer have a relationship with and stay with relationships that matter to us; “Trust your gut” and to rely upon your “inner knower” which has many years of experience and has guided us so far.

Ellen talked about knowing our value since the world needs our wisdom. She urged us to remain flexible and not to sit in judgment of ourselves or others.  Ellen stressed that we need to be compassionate of ourselves and others.  Another tip she gave was on self-care which is important to a thriving life.  She said both physical and emotional care is necessary.  She encouraged us not to be afraid to seek help and support from one another, remembering that we are meant to be part of a village, not isolated from each other.  She said never to stop doing our healing-work and set healthy boundaries not walls.  The final Tip she gave the attendees was to “expect to thrive no matter what our future holds.”

Ellen’s presentation was well received, and members had many questions.  She introduced her husband, Tim Bachmeyer, Ph.D., who talked about physical conditions that affect our lives.  He counseled that no one should be daunted but, instead, strive each day to live a meaningful life.

At the completion of her presentation, President Chris Boylan presented Ellen Bachmeyer with a commemorative Club Pin.


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