City Mayor Dina Sweatt and City Council member Mike Smith participate in the traditional ceremony by helping to wash the shiny red fire engine.

The City of Groveland Fire Department held a dedication ceremony to introduce its newest fire engine to Station 94, located at 193 Cherry Valley Trail. Fire Chief Willie Morgan welcomed city officials, firefighters and residents of the community to Station 94 to participate in the “Wash Down” ceremony preparing the new Fire Engine for service, by washing it down and pushing it into the station.

The New Fire Truck is proudly displayed at Groveland’s Fire Station #94

The dedication ceremony is a traditional event in the fire service that dates back to the era when fire pumpers were horse-driven and powered by hand. Following a fire, the horses would be separated from the pumper and both the horses and pumper would be washed by the firefighters. The horses could not properly back into the station with the pumper attached, so the firefighters disconnected the horses and pushed the pumper back inside the station ready for the next call.

The enthusiastic participants recreated the event signifying placing the new truck into service. The recreation included transferring the water from the old Engine to the New Engine 94 and the “wash down” and dry of new Engine 94. Then we will “push” it back into the station, ready to serve and protect the citizens and visitors of Groveland.

The new Engine 94 is a 2017 Rosenbauer Commander custom built for the Groveland Fire department. This new engine will enhance the capabilities and safety with a more efficient and technologically advanced Engine for the firefighters. Some of the new features on this new engine are the capability of “pump and roll”, pumping and moving the engine if needed without disengaging the pump or rolling up the hose, to “stability control” to help keep the firefighters safe when responding to calls and returning back to their station.

Old Engine 94 has served the City of Groveland well. It will not be put to pasture but remains in reserve.

Old Engine 94 is a 2003 American La France Metropolitan Pumper. She was put into service on September 1, 2006, approximately 12 years ago. During that time, she has traveled over 117,500 miles and responded to over 7,000 calls. “Old Engine 94 has served the City of Groveland well and will continue to do so as a reserve engine”, said Chief Morgan.

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