Hurricane Season officially begins on June 1

Take time this week to prepare

For the next seven days, June 1 – June 7, qualifying items related to disaster preparedness are exempt from sales tax.

Tax Exempt Items include:

  • Reusable ice (reusable ice packs)
  • Any portable self-powered light source (powered by a battery, solar, hand-crank, or gas):
  • Candles, Flashlights, Lanterns
  • Any gas or diesel fuel container, including LP gas and kerosene containers
  • Batteries, including rechargeable batteries, listed sizes only(excluding automobile and boat batteries):
  • Bungee cords
  • Ground anchor systems
  • Radios (powered by battery, solar, or hand- crank)
  • Weather band • Ratchet Straps
  • Tarpaulins (tarps)
  • Tie-down kits
  • Visqueen, plastic sheeting, plastic drop cloths, and other waterproof sheeting
  • Portable generators used to provide light or communications or to preserve food in the event of a power outage.
  • Coolers and ice chests (food-storage; nonelectrical)

Tax Exempt Year-Round
–     Canned Food
–     First Aid Kits
–     Bottled Water (unflavored and uncarbonated)
–     Baby Food and Formula
–     Prescription Medications
–     Most Over-the-Counter Medications

The sales tax exemptions do not apply to the rental or repair of any of the qualifying items nor sales in a theme park, entertainment complex, public lodging establishment or airport.

To learn more about the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday or to get a complete list of qualifying items, visit

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