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The Start Of Clermont Waterfront parkrun

Over 130 runners showed up to support the Drive for Men’s Health at the weekly parkrun 5k this morning at Hiawatha Park Preserve. The event played host to the conclusion of the week-long drive.

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt and Sijo Parekattil

The two Clermont based doctors, Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt & Sijo Parekattil, finished up their drive across the country with an arrival just minutes before the start of the weekly 5k event.  The two drove over 3,000 miles through parts of New York, Philadelphia, and Columbus Ohio.

 The mission behind the Drive for Men’s Health this year is nutrition. But as in years before, the two co-directors of the Personalized Urology & Robotics Clinic in Clermont, Fla., just want to talk to men about their general well-being & to make health a priority.  Men are encouraged to be more active, eat healthier, get better sleep, quit smoking, & decrease stress.  As urologists, Dr. Brahmbhatt & Dr. Parekattil also drive awareness toward the importance of regular urology check-ups


Jamin and Sijo
“Men generally don’t start going until they have erectile dysfunction or trouble peeing or someone drags them in there,“  Brahmbhatt said.  
The Clermont parkrun was happy to be part of the event and it was a terrific way to conclude the Drive complete with a ginormous finish structure, a DJ playing some upbeat race music, and of course the sleek BMW sports car the two drove.
Clermont parkrun event director Kimberly Grogan added, “It’s awesome to have all these people come together at one event.  We all have men in our lives that we care about, and a healthier lifestyle for them is what this Drive & parkrun is all about, and aligning these common missions is a perfect way to increase this awareness. 
Brahmbhatt concluded, “You should treat your body like you treat your car. If you have a red light go off or your tire pressure goes down, you go get that stuff checked because you need your car to get yourself from point A to point B. Your body’s the exact same way. … When the red lights go off, like a headache that won’t go away, blood in the urine, you’ve got to get yourself checked.”
For additional information on Drive 4 Men’s Health, see D4MH
Results to the parkrun 5k run can be found here;

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