Fitness Challenge Winners, NTC and Hospital teams and breakfast attendees

Submitted by Michelle Delaney

During the last 12-weeks, the South Lake Chamber of Commerce partnered with the National Training Center to champion a competition where winners were recognized for losing the most weight and pursuing a healthier lifestyle overall.

This past year, I have put on some weight so enthusiastically entered the competition thinking it would be a good way to have fun and lose weight. I signed up and weighed in. Twelve weeks later, the results are in and I’ve gained 5 pounds and I am NOT the Biggest Loser.

I could blame stress, parties, inactivity, my slowing metabolism, my age; but truth be told, I did too much wishing about losing weight and not enough doing what needed to be done.  I am not going to beat myself up for not being a loser but plan to come back next year and successfully finish the competition. I may even start tomorrow on my personal wellness journey; after all, it’s not like I have nothing to lose.

Congratulations to all the individuals and teams who pursued and achieved weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Weighing in are:

  • 3rd Place – Thrive Clermont
  • 2nd Place – Fit 4 Life
  • 1st Place – Bod Squad (Chris Johnson, Jennifer Drone and Aaron Drone). This team lost 10.66% of their total body weight!

The individuals with the largest percentage of total weight loss are:

3rd Place – Michelle Moscoso, 2nd Place – Robert Pitts, 1st Place – Chris Johnson

Pictured Chris Johnson and Cyndi Staudt, Orlando Health

The individual healthiest lifestyle points winner was Daniel Whitehouse.

In the battle between Leesburg Chamber and South Lake Chamber of Commerce, the winner: The South Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber President holds the prize!






Some Breakfast Attendees:

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