Pictured L-R: Horace Harper, Charlie Neville, Dan Strauss

Submitted by Lion Nick Jones

Lion Charlie Neville was awarded the Club’s highest honor, THE MELVIN JONES AWARD, by King Lion Harper and Past President, Dan Strauss.  The award recognizes the outstanding services a Lion has made over the years to our community, District, State and Lions International.  The award is issued by Lions Club International Foundation only by the local Club’s application demonstrating service above and beyond the call of duty.  Lion Charlie is in charge of the Club’s vision program. He can be contacted at 352 536-6833.

The Club’s featured program was presented by Brian MacNeel, Crime Prevention Practitioner.  Mr. MacNeel pointed out that central Florida was near the top in the US in TRAFFICKING cases.

Florida also leads the nation in the number of people drowning in their automobile.  Our weather and road conditions add to the problem.  Striping on roadways are visible in only three feet of water, therefore, if you cannot see the lines, do not drive into the puddle.

Mr MacNeel shared his experiences as a combat instructor in the military as well as his years in law enforcement for a most informative meeting.

Lion Bill Siegenthaler of South Lake Quick Print brought a new eyeglasses drop box built by Lion Nick Jones to the Club with beautiful sign graphics added.  The drop box will be placed in Lucky’s Food Market near Home Depot.

The Club plans to continue running the shooting range as its primary fundraiser.  It is located across from Tractor Supply on SR 50 in Groveland.  It is open to the public from 8 am to noon on the second, third and fourth Saturdays.  The third Saturdays are restricted to shot guns.  Call Lion Dan Strauss, 717 278-7437 for further information.  The Club meets on second Thursdays of the month

The Club meets on second Thursdays of the month at St. Mathias Episcopal Church at 6 pm.  The Club needs volunteers.  For information, call Lion President Horace Harper, 352 708-5516.

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