This Monday will start a new school year in south Lake County.  The transition from a summer of late nights and sleep-ins to a structured lifestyle can be stressful and filled with anticipation and anxiety. It’s no wonder parents, teachers and students are feeling mixed emotions.

Here are a few tips which may help you and your children get through the first weeks of the school year.

– Meet the new teacher 

– Tour the school

– Have your child connect with school friends before the first day of school

– Get the kids back into a regular bedtime routine

– Pack the backpacks with the needed school supplies and snack

– Give the kids plenty of time to get ready for school in the morning. On the first day, take lots of pictures (Place BIG smiles on our faces. First day of school pictures can be sent to for our readers to enjoy.)

– Understand that the days ahead will be draining on you and your children. Give them time to chill.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Hug Your Children, Wish Them A Fantastic Day And Be Ready To Listen When They Return Home. After All, Aren’t Hugs, Unconditional Love, And A Few Minutes Of Uninterrupted Time Important to Everyone?

 Visit Teach HUB for more tips on how parents can prepare for Back to School Time

Drivers:  Leave home a few minutes earlier next week. Be aware of the increase in traffic and delays due to school buses, anxious parents, and enthusiastic and, at times, preoccupied students.

Visit Lake County Schools for up to date information on your school system.

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