International Day of Peace was celebrated on Friday, September 21 at Minneola Charter Elementary with a “Pinwheels for Peace” project.

Each student, first through sixth grades, made a pinwheel in the Art and Science class.  Students and faculty placed the pinwheels in the school’s field in the shape of a 32-foot wide peace sign. The visual art project was a public statement to promote peace.

The students were taught about the engineering of a pinwheel, as well as using art as an expression of thought and feeling.

Mrs. Waalewyn, the Art Teacher, and her students discussed what Peace means and how feelings and thoughts can be expressed in art.

Mrs. Borysiewicz, the Science Teacher, showed how a pinwheel can be used as a renewable source of energy.

Ms. Crews, the Computer Teacher, used technology to study wind energy.

Mrs. Valenta, the Media Specialist, read books about Peace on Earth.

Coach Schutte spent the day poking over 800 pinwheels into the ground with the help of the sixth grade Art students.

The Project Was A Successful Team effort Made Possible By Minneola Charter Elementary In Recognition of International Peace Day.

Pinwheels For Peace
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