Homelessness is on the rise across the United States and one of the primary causes of homelessness is lack of affordable housing.

The scarcity of affordable housing is the primary factor causing and perpetuating homelessness in Florida.

At least 30 percent of homeless people who aren’t in shelters live in their vehicles. After losing a home, sometimes moving into the car seems like the only option.

Being homeless can spiral into hopelessness. Working a full-time job and not making ends meet becomes overwhelming. Owning a home or renting an apartment turns into an unachievable dream.

In Clermont, the average income is $56,000. A typical 2-bedroom apartment costs over $1,800 a month. It would take more than $70,000 annual household income to afford a 2-bedroom apartment!  There are very few affordable single-family homes being built: Average Starter” homes cost nearly $200,000.

At the average pay rate of $13 an hour/$27,040 per yearly income, the cost of owning or renting would take 80% of the family’s gross income.  There isn’t much money left for food, clothing, health care and other necessities.

Over 2,000 Lake County school-age children and their families are living with others because they cannot afford the current housing costs. Last year, Lake County Public Schools identified over 2,395 homeless students, some living on their own and some with parent(s).

Many of Clermont’s workforce can’t afford to live in Clermont.

Last Friday, Woodwinds, a 96-unit affordable housing community located on South Grand Highway and Hunt Street, just south of Citrus Tower Blvd. in Clermont, held its grand opening. The one, two, and three-bedroom units will rent from $369 to $758 a month.  To qualify, income must range between $12,000 -$30,000 a year.

Windwoods is the first affordable complex built in the past 20 years in Clermont. The complex is already fully rented and there is a waitlist.  Other affordable housing apartments in Clermont also have extensive wait lists, meaning the current needs are not being met.

Planned Affordable Housing Projects coming soon to Clermont include Senior and Veterans affordable housing.

For further details, visit Homeless Coalition

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