Each small business owner has a dream to become successful by providing a service that is needed, recognized, and appreciated by the consumer.

The responsibilities of the small business owner are overwhelming. Things can go wrong, even when everything is done right. The unforeseen is always looming just around the corner.

I come from a long line of dreamers and doers. Over 45-years ago, my mother, sister, and brother in law moved to Clermont and opened Burger Hut, a fast food restaurant (now the site of Clermont’s Oyster Bar). The family worked 18 hour days, the business thrived and was doing well until McDonald’s came to town.  It was the first large chain restaurant and the biggest attraction in the community of less than 4,000.  No one, including our families, could resist the lure of the tasty french fries.  The family’s business closed only a few months after the BIG franchised chain opened. Sometimes there is no way to compete with a bigger business.

During that era, my husband and I opened a laundry and dry cleaner at Clermont’s newest shopping center.  Today it is the site of English Cleaners (next to McDonalds). We worried during slow times and worked all hours of the day and night during the busy season. The ups and downs become exhausting and caused us to burnout. We eventually sold the business.

Competition and burnout are only two of the challenges faced by the small business owner.  Add the economy, lack of cash flow, rising cost of healthcare, controlled business growth, employee retention, family stress,….the list goes on. 

Our family took some time off and, once again, jumped right back into the stressful though rewarding life of the small business owner.  Our family opened Buena Vista Publishing, and when I retired from Walt Disney World Resort, the SOUTH LAKE TABLET was added.

Small business owners are survivors who overcome challenges to make the community vibrant and unique.

Support small business owners by shopping small on Saturday, November 24.

Better Yet, Shop Small Everyday

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