Give Your Tongue A Sleigh Ride At The New Twistee Treat Of Clermont

    By:  Larry Oskin

    Twistee Treat celebrated its Grand Opening this week with plenty of fun, prizes, cheerleaders and special guests. Friends, family and devout ice cream lovers attended the event.

    South Lake High School

    Ryan Glaze, the marketing manager from the Twistee Treat Corporate Office and Matt Cook, the new Clermont manager, proudly showcased the newly built, brightly painted, and just opened building located on Hwy 27, Clermont. The 25-foot tall ice cream cone building can’t be missed.

    Twistee Treat offers a full menu of freshly made homemade soft serve ice cream cones, cups, twirls, sundaes, shakes, slushies, malts, 100% all-beef hot dogs, coffees and cold drinks. This new local business is a tasty addition to the community, offering about 20 diverse ice cream flavors and numerous specialty cones. They even have cookiewiches, hot fudge brownie boats, banana splits and waffle tacos.

    Twistee Treat’s philosophy and mission is to simply share warm smiles with every order. It supports Spirit Night fundraisers and numerous community programs such as Toys For Tots and its own program to help boys and girls receive bicycles for the year-end holidays. Also available is Twistee Treat’s Birthday Club and Loyalty Club.

    Twistee Treat is located at 4269 South Highway 27, in Clermont, near the Hartwood Marsh intersection. It is conveniently open 7 days a week (Sunday thru Thursday from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 11:30 am to 12:00 am. It has special year-end Holiday Hours posted. Visit:

    All photos courtesy of Larry Oskin

    Note from the Editor:  Larry reminisced that when he was treated to ice cream as a young boy, his mother, Edna Oskin, would say, Give your tongue a sleigh ride!” (part of the title of this article).  I asked him if he had ice cream when he visited Twistee Treat. Larry’s answer, “I had an awesome peanut butter ice cream with a peanut cone.” 

    His reply or perhaps the thought of ice cream placed a BIG smile on my face.  Ice cream remains timeless.  It brings back memories of good times as well as being the best remedy for overcoming a bad day.  I’ve had up to a pint of ice cream on a really stressful day.

    My mother always described ice cream as like having a party in your mouth.


    Larry Oskin

    Larry Oskin is a writer for the South Lake Tablet. He is the owner of Marketing Solutions / Art Beautique, offering creative marketing, media relations and professional fine art photography services. He is a board member of the Clermont Downtown Partnership and a member of the Clermont Historic Village volunteer team dedicated to revitalizing the Historic Downtown District. For more information, contact Oskin at 407-395-9007 or at

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