The Lake County Public Safety Department’s Fire Rescue Division dedicated a new fire truck in honor of fallen Lake County Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Jack Fillman.

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Fillman worked tirelessly, serving the citizens of Lake County for 15 years, continuing to work up until just weeks before his passing in 2015. Therefore, county leaders and staff saw it fitting to honor his public service in ceremonious fashion traditionally known as a “push back.” In 2014, Lake County Fire Rescue adopted the “push back” tradition, paying homage to the days when firefighters had to detach the fire wagon from the horses and push it in by hand.

“Engine 72 was named ‘Jack’ after the late Assistant Chief Jack Fillman, who was responsible for adding the Advanced Life Support (ALS) service delivery to Lake County Fire Rescue Operations. It is only appropriate to dedicate this truck in his honor because of this being the fire unit that provided service to him and his family,” said Fire Chief Jim Dickerson.

Lake County Commissioners, Public Safety staff, fellow colleagues and Fillman’s family gathered at Lake County Fire Station 72 in Leesburg for the dedication ceremony. During the ceremony, firefighters unveiled the new truck, which is the first to feature the new Lake County Fire Rescue graphics. Eventually, all Lake County Fire Rescue trucks will be wrapped with the new design.

(Video courtesy of Tony Justice, a contributing reporter to the SOUTH LAKE TABLET, as well as to  AP enterprise Corporation, Japec Community life Magazine, All Nations TV, and Preachville. Mr.Justice can be contacted at ).


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