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Carol Furgerson, a reader of the SOUTH LAKE TABLET asked me to share some feel-good news.

She wrote, “My daughter, Dawn Canestrari went to the Groveland Publix on Friday, January 11th. As she approached the dairy counter, she saw an envelope.  On the front of the envelope was written,

“You found this note because it’s meant for you!”

She opened the sealed envelope and the card read,
“Lots of love is being sent to you right now!  You are amazing, and special and mean so much.  You can do anything you set your mind to.  Have a great day.”
Dawn hurried home to show her mom the note. Carol said that the note put a smile on her daughter’s face and a spring in her step.  Both were overwhelmed and hoped the person shared a few more notes around the store.
Doesn’t everyone want to find a note like this and know that someone cares?
Whoever left this note, You Are An Amazing Person.  Thank you.
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