On March 4, Groveland Communications Dispatcher Brandelyn Rogers, Sergeant John Moore, and Corporal Alicia Menendez were recognized by Groveland Mayor Evelyn Wilson, city council members, and Police Chief Shawn Ramsey and presented with the prestigious Life-Saving Award.

During the presentation, Deputy Chief Armando Loney described the incident and positive results thanks to the efforts of Groveland’s finest.

“On October 8, 2018, at approximately 3:06 pm, the Groveland Police Department received a telephone call via the emergency 911 line.  The telephone call was answered by Communications Operator Brandelyn Rogers. The caller reported that his live-in friend was supposed to be at home; however, she had not answered her telephone for approximately six hours.

Officer Rogers went above and beyond and immediately began searching all database records available to her for additional information on the victim. Communications Officer Rogers discovered that the victim had previously attempted suicide and that she had a history of harming herself. Communications Officer Rogers relayed the victim’s history of attempted suicides and the means she used to attempt suicide to Sergeant John Moore and Corporal Alicia Menendez.

Upon arrival at the residence, Sergeant Moore and Corporal Menendez were allowed to enter the residence. They immediately discovered that the bathroom door was locked and there was no response from anybody inside the bathroom.  They forced entry into the bathroom and discovered the victim was unresponsive, not breathing, and fully submerged in bloody bathwater in the bathtub.

The officers lifted the victim out of the water and administered first aid until the Groveland Fire Department and Lake County EMS arrived on the scene. Both officers continued to assist and helped place the victim into the ambulance for transport to the hospital. The victim survived the incident and made a full recovery.”

Through their quick response and critical decision making, Communications Operator Brandelyn Rogers, Sergeant John Moore, and Corporal Alicia Menendez successfully saved this victim’s life.