National Training Center (NTC) Sports Field

by Kevin Grogan

Lance Brauman

Lance Brauman, the high profile coach behind what is arguably the very best sprint group in the World, calls South Lake home. For a decade, the Adidas Pure Athletics Professional Track Group has trained out of the National Training Center in Clermont.

Brauman has coached more Olympic medalist than we can count.  Shaunae Miller, Veronica Campbell Brown, Tori Bowie, Tyson Gay, Keston Bledman, David Verburg, Tony McQuay, the list goes on and on. Coach Lance was nice enough to stop by and give us an update on how his group training is progressing thus far here in Clermont.

(L-R)Josephus Lyles, Keisha Caine (mom), Kevin Grogan, Noah Lyles (picture taken in 2018)

Noah Lyles, the 21-year old American track and field sprinter, holds personal bests of 9.88 seconds for the 100-meter dash and 19.65 seconds for the 200-meter dash. Lyles is the 300m indoor world record holder with a time of 31.87 from the 2017 US Indoor Champs.



Kevin Grogan had an opportunity to recently speak with both men.

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Kevin Grogan is a contributing writer for the South Lake Tablet. He is also the owner of Gear for Multisport, Athletic Gear and a south Lake athlete.

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