Groveland Firefighters

Groveland Fire Chief Willie Morgan is proud of the men and women in his department and wants all to know about the selfless efforts of Engine 94, B-shift.

Engine 94, B-shift received a call that someone had fallen and needed assistance at his house; however, due to low hanging tree branches, rescue was unable to use the driveway to access the home. The crew of E94 had to drive with M351 (ambulance) over a quarter mile off the main road lifting numerous tree branches so ambulance M351 could reach the house and they return to the main road.

Engine 94 (C-shift) was once again dispatched to the same address a few weeks later. Upon arriving, the crew realized this was the same address that B-shift crew told them about. Without hesitation, E94 crew firefighters /paramedics Erick Stott, Joshua Thomas, and  Scott Judd grabbed their medical bags and equipment and proceeded to walk to the house. While they were walking to the house, they advised dispatch that they would have a delayed response getting to the patient and that the ambulance could not make it down the drive. They requested LEMS District Supervisor be dispatched to the scene so they could utilize his vehicle to get the patient out to the ambulance.

Capt. Smith advised that he was closer to the property and would respond. Upon arriving on the scene, he made his way down the driveway in his staff truck, dodging tree limbs. The patient was treated, stabilized, and then moved to the Captain’s vehicle where he was conveyed to the waiting ambulance.

Knowing that the property owner did not have the capability to make his driveway passible by emergency vehicles, FF/Medic Scott Judd, FF/Medic Erick Stott, Lt. Mike Lyon, and Capt. Smith met at Station 94 on the following Saturday. They went back to the house and starting at the road, worked their way back to the house trimming all the low-lying tree branches that they thought would hamper an emergency vehicle from making access. In some cases, they had to climb trees. They worked all morning.

“I only became aware of the actions of these men because I happened to be within earshot when I heard them mention something about having dull chains on the chainsaws. Thinking they were referencing Department saws, I questioned them for clarification and, thereby become aware of the event.”

“I am extremely proud that Groveland has personnel that will go out of their way to selflessly provide assistance to those in need within our community, regardless of geographical boundaries, as this happened to be outside our city limits. Furthermore, the endeavor was undertaken without fanfare or promise of recognition, as I likely would not have known about it had I not overheard a conversation”, stated Chief Morgan.

A few days afterward, the patient stated that he felt 100% better, however, if the firefighters had not advised him to go to the hospital, he may not have recovered. He was very thankful and appreciative for everything Groveland’s Firefighter did for him.

Morgan proudly notes, “This was truly an above-and-beyond call of duty and I am proud to serve with men who are willing to sacrifice their own time in order to help others!”

Thank you to FF/Medic Scott Judd, FF/Medic Erick Stott, Lt. Mike Lyon, and Capt. Smith and the men and woman of Groveland’s Fire Department for your service to the community. And thank you Groveland Fire Chief Morgan for recognizing your department for a job well done.