Clermont City Council approved the Olympus project at its May 14th city council meeting.

What is Olympus – Olympus is one of the largest private investments in Clermont. The project creator, Olympus Sports & Entertainment Group, is a Florida Limited Liability Company, who plans to make Olympus a landmark sports, wellness, fitness and entertainment development.

The Vision – Olympus Sports & Entertainment plans to develop the 250 acres in south Lake County’s Wellness Way area. The project is estimated to create more than 6,000 jobs and generate more than $1.4 billion in economic impact during a 10-year period.

Looking To The City For Approval – The company was seeking annexation of approximately 250 acres, also known as Wellness Way, into the City of Clermont. The large scale comprehensive plan will change from Lake County Wellness Way-1 and Town Center to the City of Clermont Master Planned Development. The property spans southeast of Lake Louisa, between US Hwy 27 and Schofield Road, and the planned unit development located along the south US Hwy 27, Bradshaw Road and Schofield Road, which is within the city utility service area and will provide utility rights.

What Is Planned For Olympus – Olympus, tagline “Epic. Every Day” will include multi-sport training and competition venues; leading-edge wellness, health and fitness facilities, and a village that features sports-themed, world-class hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment. It will focus on many of the world’s most popular sports, such as tennis, swimming, ice hockey, surfing, track and field and gymnastics.

Olympus Master Plan includes

    • Multi-sport competition and training venues for professional, amateur and Olympic athletes. Featuring sports celebrities, legendary coaches and global sports brands/properties.
    • Cutting-edge wellness, fitness and sports medicine facilities for athletes, individuals, families, businesses and the local community. Featuring public fitness trails, state-of-the-art fitness & health club, healthy living/destination spa, and renowned orthopedic doctors/groups.
    • World-class hospitality, dining, shopping and office/conference venues for visitors, businesses and local residents. Featuring premier restaurant brands, unique retail brands, leading hotel/resort brands and more.

The Community  – Mostly everyone in the community is excited about the project which will create new opportunities and rising property value for its residents. On the downside, Clermont and south Lake County have already witnessed an onslaught of residential developers vying for property in the area.

Infrastructure, Schools, Quality of Life – Each time a large parcel is rezoned/repurposed, a landowner and developer makes millions of dollars but to what cost to the neighboring residents? Example – Eddy Property.

The Lake County Commissioners and the Clermont City Council should work together to represent and protect existing homeowners to ensure adequate schools, roads, and safety. Developers need to be accountable for the impact they are bringing to the community and pay their fair share for the needed improvements.

Growth is good, but controlled growth is better. Before any parcel is approved, the question should be asked, how will this affect the community, the residents, quality of life.