Stacy Loudon
By Kevin Grogan
Most locals will tell you the most upbeat coach at Clermont’s National Training Center is Stacy Loudon.  Constantly on the move up and down the hall in the Center, Stacy Loudon brings a sense of passion and excitement to the facility. As the summer arrives, we were able to chat with Loudon about what the warm months hold for one of Clermont’s favorite coaches.

Kevin: What was your athletic background growing up?

Loudon: I played softball for a few years, but I wouldn’t say I’m athletic. I’ve always loved being active as a kid riding my bike, swimming, or roller skating. My passion for exercise started from working out to the exercise shows on television with my mom starting at age 12.

Kevin:  Excitement. Always on the move up and down the National Training Center Hall. Bringing positivity and energy to the Center! What drives you?

Loudon:   I love coming to work at the National Training Center because it is just that. People from around the world come to our facility to train for their sports. We have everyone…from Olympic sprinters, triathletes, and the wonderful people of our community all coming together in one place to reach common goals.

Kevin:  Describe what you do for a living to our readers & what makes you so passionate about it?

Loudon:   At The NTC, I am a personal trainer, certified through The American College of Sports Medicine. I also teach Indoor cycle, TRX, Muscle force, and Aqua Aerobics. I run the Home-school PE program for elementary to middle school aged children. One day a week I go to Arnold Palmer Children’s hospital and work closely with a team of gastroenterologists and nutritionists to help children that have gastrointestinal and weight gain issues.
I’m very passionate about helping these kids and their families because good health starts at a young age. We guide the families to make healthier food choices and make exercise part of their daily activity that fits into their individual lifestyles.

Kevin:   Always going on cool outdoor adventures with your friends or family. How do these trips compliment what you do?

Loudon:   I think being a family with an active lifestyle helps on hikes, white water rafting, or just lying around on the beach during family vacations. I feel taking a break from work and school life is good for your soul. My family is always running around, like most families, and it is always nice to just be together and not on a set schedule.  Taking time off is a nice refresher before getting back into the daily grind.

Kevin:  What do you tell one of your new clients who is looking to become more active?

Loudon:   I tell them to find something that makes them happy. You have to enjoy what you are doing and stick with it. This could range anywhere from a group fitness class to mountain biking.

Kevin:  How long have you been a trainer/coach and what is your “go to” form of exercise?

Loudon:   I started personal training at The Orlando Fitness and Racquet Club in about 1997. My favorite “go to “ exercise is HIIT workouts. I feel with a busy schedule I can get in my cardio and resistance training in all together. I also love teaching and taking other instructor’s cycle classes.
Kevin:  What do you like most about living in Lake County?
Loudon:   Although there has been a lot of expansion in the 14 years I’ve been in Lake County, I love the small town feel. It reminds me of my home state of Rhode Island. You run into someone you know everywhere. I also love the trails and hills we are fortunate to train on.
Kevin: Summer is here! What is your ideal way to beat the heat but also keep active?
Loudon:   Going into the pool or the beach is my absolute favorite places to be! I can be active or just get some much-needed relaxation.

Kevin Grogan is a contributing writer for the South Lake Tablet. He is also the owner of Gear for Multisport, Athletic Gear and a south Lake athlete.