A 4-way stop is coming to Minnehaha & Bloxam

Although changes have been made to alleviate heavy traffic flow, speeding, and safety issues along Minnehaha Avenue, the road still remains a favorite route of many and a concern for the resident living in the area.

At the Clermont Council meeting on Tuesday, July 9, the council reviewed what actions have been taken and what can be done to ease the flow of traffic along Minnehaha Avenue.

Already implemented:

      • Increased police enforcement and monitoring of traffic.
      • Repaved Minnehaha Avenue and added double yellow lines.
      • Lowered the speed limit to 25 mph.
      • Added 4-way stop signs at East Avenue, 4thStreet and Disston Avenue.
      • Installed “blind driveway” sign.
      • Installed “speed monitored by radar device” signs.
      • Installed “oncoming traffic does not stop” signs at Bloxam and Minnehaha Avenue.
      • Ensured current count of speed limit signs along Minnehaha Avenue per the MUTCO code.
      • Trimmed trees and shrubs at the intersection of Bloxam and Minnehaha Avenue.

After discussion, Council went one step further by approving 4-way stop signs at the intersection of Minnehaha Avenue and Bloxam Avenue.

Many agree that the 4-way stop signs are just a band-aid but hope it goes one step further in improving the problems.