Rowing embodies grace, power, and symmetry but at Saturday’s 2nd annual cardboard boat regatta, rowing was all about keeping the boat afloat.  Races started at 12 pm at Victory Pointe, Clermont last Saturday. Participants built their boats, hoping to be first to row their homemade boat to the finish line before it sank.

The evening finished in Viking tradition, setting the boats ablaze or, in this case, lots of cardboard in Lake Minneola.

Last year the competition was held at Clermont Waterfront Park. Comparing the two venues,

Nauti Bouy wins the race

Waterfront Park had many more amenities:  a shaded, sheltered pavilion; more accessible parking; non-sloping ease to the waterfront; a pier (great for the viewing spectators). With that said, the event was hilarious, the South Lake Rowing Association did a great job hosting the event, and it’s an event that I wouldn’t miss.


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This fun event was sponsored by the Lake County Rowing Association

A Great Day!

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