Since 2008, local community leader Samuel Davis Jr. has successfully held the title as CEO and general manager of Lake Apopka Natural Gas District, which serves more than 9,000 customers in Lake County (over 3,700 in Clermont alone).

Davis has led initiatives on a national level, including service in various leadership roles with the American Public Gas Association (APGA). Now, Davis has assumed the role of chairman of the APGA Board of Directors, a role that will allow for greater advocacy for the community  and help influence the national conversation about the direction of the natural gas industry.

Davis began his career with Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Company in Houston, Texas, and then went on to work for United Gas Pipeline Company, Gulf Interstate Engineering Company and Bechtel Engineering and Consulting Corp.

He moved to Florida, where he served for 24 years in Tallahassee, as General Manager of Gas Utility and, during his tenure, he served as a member of PHMSA’s Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee.

Since he was appointed as General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Lake Apopka Natural Gas District (LANGD) in Winter Garden, he has successfully used his leadership and managerial skills to provide natural gas energy services to Orange and Lake Counties. He is also civically active in the West Orange Community, where he presently serves on the boards of Orlando Health Central Hospital, McCoy Federal Credit Union, and HAPCO Music Foundation.  He formerly served on the Boards of West Orange Chamber of Commerce, Winter Garden Rotary Club, and Meadow Ridge Homeowners Association.  He is also a Graduate of Leadership West Orange.

His current professional affiliations include: Chairman of American Public Gas Association’s Board of Directors, Florida Natural Gas Association Board Member, Florida Municipal Natural Gas Association Past President, and Florida Society of Certified Public Managers.

Samuel Davis Jr. recently wrote 

For 60 years, Lake Apopka Natural Gas has proudly served as a leading provider of safe, clean and efficient energy for communities in Apopka, Clermont and Winter Garden. I’ve been honored to lead the District and its dedicated team for nearly 12 years, as the communities we serve have welcomed us into their homes to deliver an essential source of energy for their everyday lives.

Now, I’m humbled to share that I’ve assumed the role of Chairman for the American Public Gas Association (APGA) Board of Directors. In this role, my purpose is two-fold: to act as a leading ambassador for the APGA and to further advocate for our District’s needs on a national level. By becoming even more involved in the national discussion surrounding the natural gas industry, I look forward to bringing back new insights and opportunities, not only to inform our District, but to positively impact the communities trusting us to provide them with the best care.

At the District, we’re dedicated to an unparalleled level of excellence in delivering the life-changing fuel source of the future. We were recently honored with the prestigious APGA Silver SOAR Award – our fourth SOAR distinction since 2015 – which represents our dedication to excellence in all aspects of our work, from system integrity to employee safety. The award serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence, both to the industry and to you.

Returning from the 2019 APGA Annual Conference, we’re encouraged to see the future of our industry shine so bright and are reminded that the power of natural gas lays directly in the hands of consumers. Direct use – the practice of using natural gas service directly in homes and businesses, rather than burning it as a generation fuel for electricity – was of particular interest this year, as it empowers consumers to use natural gas however and whenever needed.

We all know the importance of an affordable, reliable energy source. But big-picture concepts, like direct use, are crucial to keep in mind as we embark into a brighter, cleaner future with natural gas leading the charge. Today, people often ask: What kind of world are we leaving for the next generation? Natural gas helps answer that question, empowering you to do your part. Direct use cuts down on the amount of greenhouse emissions, producing approximately 45 percent less carbon dioxide compared to other fuel resources. Plus, it’s more cost-effective, saving you money for the most important things in life.

We often take the essentials for granted when life gets busy. When your home is powered by natural gas, it’s always there when you need it – day and night, rain or shine. At the District, our goal is to take care of the essentials, so you have one less thing to worry about. So, go ahead, take care of the other pressing issues on your to-do list. We’ve got you covered.  Being there when you need us most is at the core of our mission.

With so many exciting things on the horizon, I am sincerely thankful to the APGA for trusting me to serve as a leading advocate for its mission and, of course, to our customers, community members and leaders. It’s only by your support over the last 60 years that we’re able to now further serve your needs on a national level. I look forward to continuing to work together to build an even brighter tomorrow.

 Congratulations, a well-deserved honor to a community advocate and leader..