The Lincoln Park South Lake Alliance has launched a quick survey to gauge the public’s interest in a new community center. The survey will be open throughout the month of December and close on March 1st.

The two-minute, 10-question survey can be found on the Alliance’s website at or directly at

The team designed the survey to gauge South Lake County residents’ interest in a new community center in place of Clermont Elementary School (on Bloxam Avenue, just east of Downtown Clermont), which will close in 2023.

The Lincoln Park South Lake Alliance (LPSLA) is proposing a multi-generational community center for residents to connect and develop skills and knowledge through education, job readiness, vocational training, arts, and recreation.

“We urge all South Lake residents to please take this brief survey and provide valuable feedback,” said Sharon Keys, President. “The Community of South Lake County can only reach its full capacity of embracing community if we all work together.”

LPSLA’s mission is to “Build community through creativity, collaboration, and access to life-changing opportunities in South Lake County.”

The Alliance was established as a 501(c)(3) in July 2020 to formalize the efforts started by community members who formed the Lincoln Park Impact Committee. The Alliance goal is to discuss community needs, establish plans to execute programs and projects around said needs, and work in collaboration for those plans to come to fruition.

The Lincoln Park Impact Committee was formed shortly after community pastors, leaders, and citizens who attended the historical Lincoln Park School, now known as Clermont Elementary, were informed that the school would be closed in 2023. Clermont Elementary will be closing in 2023 when the Lake County School Board builds the new Aurelia M. Cole Academy K-8 School.

The Impact Committee is now a subcommittee under the Alliance that will focus on preserving Clermont Elementary as a historical building. The goal is for the building to remain in the community and function as a community center. The center would provide education opportunities, employment training/entrepreneurship, the arts, and recreation to all of South Lake county.

The Impact Committee members and supporters believe South Lake County is in need of a facility where everyone can come together to build community, close education gaps, provide employment training, and leadership skills. Lincoln Park South. Lake Alliance’s goal is to provide programs and partnerships that will stimulate community economic development by eliminating education and opportunity gaps.

The Alliance is seeking advocates, committee members, board members and donors. Get involved at


About the Lincoln Park South Lake Alliance.

In January 2019 a group of Pastors, community leaders and residents came together to form Lincoln Park Impact Committee, a subcommittee under Lincoln Park South Lake Alliance (LPSLA). The Committee came together with hopes of preserving Clermont Elementary School (which was formerly called Lincoln Park School) as a Community Center for South Lake County.  Lincoln Park South Lake Alliance (LPSLA) was established in July 2020 and is a 501c3 organization.    We believe the Community center will provide programs that will close the gaps of education, provide job skills and growth opportunities for all generations in our community.  We also believe the best outcome for the entire South Lake community is achieved when everyone works together for a common goal.

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