Article by Martin Proctor

Groveland Community Development staff presented their cityscape planning concept to a packed house at the Artist Studio in the Trilogy Clubhouse.  The public was invited to see Tim Maslow, Community Development Director, and David Ausherman Senior Planner present the state-mandated Groveland 2040 plan.  This was the debut of the land use plan created to guide Groveland’s comprehensive plan and future land use for the next 20 years.  The new plan centers around the creation of Hamlet, Village, and Town models for future residential development.

Karyn Kenner of Groveland Works hosted the group. Planning and Zoning board chair Dominic Cicio introduced Maslow and Ausherman who spoke on Groveland, the ‘City of Natural Charm’, and the vital need for future land use planning.

The future land use plan identified 3 residential categories: Hamlet, Village, and Town designations. Each category features a mixed-use core, a transitional center, and edge areas.  “The key to creating these really nice community types is the blending of each of these types”,  Maslow stated.  The plan is an overarching strategy to integrate the different planning models into a graphical, user-friendly

code.  The current code is a collection of rules and regulations that address the specifics of building without considering the entire community.

The new Comprehensive Plan combines future land use with transportation, housing, public facility, conservation, recreation and open space plans.  Each element of the plan stands as a unique and complete plan while considering the other elements and integrating the elements into a complete vision of the future.  The city staff has also incorporated economic development, historical and sustainability into each element and the plan.

“There are currently 30 different city and county land-use categories” according to Mr. Maslow.  “The 1,100 acres in the industrial park have a mix of 6 different zoning districts within that area.”  The goal is to save at least 50% of Grovelands 34,000 acres for nature.  “Natural areas provide so many different environmental benefits” Mr. Maslow continued.

The Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map (FLUM) have already been submitted to the state Department of Economic Opportunity for their comment and approval.  The next steps are local community workshops where local stakeholders meet and work to resolve conflicts and map solutions in April.  The Community Development staff is projecting June 2020 for the approval of the FLUM and Comprehensive Plan by the City Council.  Public comments and input are welcome directly to City Staff and/or Council during all stages of this process.




Marty Proctor and his side-kick Hoover

Marty Proctor is a writer for the South Lake Tablet covering Groveland and the surrounding area. His primary interests are the local impact of city and county government, local growth management, tracking area charitable groups and sharing factual information.  Marty is a long-time resident on Lake Emma north of Groveland doing public information consulting, social media marketing and freelance writing as well as fishing, bowling, and caring for wife Julie and dachshund Georgia.



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